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I follow the right amount of people where I see no actual drama on my dash but I see everyone talking about it


Happy birthday, Harry James Potter.


Harry Potter Moodboard : James Lily

Lily: “You’re as bad as he is…”

James: “What! I’d NEVER call you a — you-know-what!”

Lily: “Messing up your hair because you think it looks cool to look like you’ve just got off your broomstick, showing off with that stupid Snitch, walking down corridors and hexing anyone who annoys you just because you can — I’m surprised your broomstick can get off the ground with that fat head on it. You make me SICK.”

—Lily Evans to James after a row involving Severus Snape


so these are now floating around and they are kinda fun as gifs too I guess?

Teen Wolf » Orphaned (4x06)

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yeah, who needs a big vocabulary. or words at all.